Get Involved

#316MISSION consists of both an online platform and offline events.  


Check out our YouTube and Instagram pages to get tips on how to share the Gospel.  You can order tracts and materials form our website.  You can also join us for one of our street witnessing events or host one of your own.  Contact us if you would like some help getting a street witnessing team started at your church or ministry. 

316 DAY (MARCH 16TH)

 Join us on 316 Day by sharing the Gospel either online by posting a Gospel message or in person throughout the day individually or by hosting an evangelism event.  

PASS the Word.

Help spread the word with your church, ministries and social media followers that we are making March 16th an International Day of Evangelism!  Follow and share @316MISSION on Facebook and Instagram.

POST a video.

On March 16th, post your own personal video sharing the Gospel from your own social media platforms.  If you need some support,  have some tools and resources to help you prepare.  Let's shine a light in the darkness by flooding social media with a wave of Gospel messages!

PRAY at 3:16 PM.

At 3:16 PM, join with us in prayer for all the Gospel videos going out.  With everyone praying at their local time across the word, think of the wave of prayer that will be happening throughout the day!